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The generous support we have received from community contributions has allowed Flagstaff Sports Institute to provide athletic training medical services and implementation of a safe concussion management protocol to over 35 athletic teams at local schools.

Over 300 youth athletes and students have been ImPACT tested. This test provides a baseline of an individual’s neurocognitive function. In the event of a concussion or injury, it can be used to determine the severity of the injury as well as a tool to help safely return an adolescent back to physical activity and athletics.

Over 200 athletes completed a six-week neuromuscular Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement Program (IPPEP) to significantly reduce their risk of sustaining a sports-related injury.

Additionally, 40 full-financial scholarships have been awarded for participation in the IPPEP worth over $3,500.  

$7000 worth of scholarship money has been awarded to outstanding local multisport athletes who have demonstrated exceptional character and academic performance in the Champions of the Mountain Scholarship Award. 

Flagstaff Sports Institute receives support from the following organizations:

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The Botti Revocable Trust