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Jory Walthour, C.S.M.S.

IPPEP Instructor

Flagstaff Sports Institute Injury Prevention Program Instructor Jory Walthour is a certified Sportsmetrics(TM) specialist. He will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in health sciences – fitness wellness in May 2020 and pursuing a Master of Science degree in athletic training at Northern Arizona University (NAU).

Jory is extremely passionate about entering the field of athletic performance and injury prevention. His experience includes exercise program design, group fitness training, strength training and design, exercise testing and prescription, and exercise physiology. Jory is excited and motivated to apply his science background and love of athletics to sports performance enhancement programs at FSI.

When Jory is not coaching, he enjoys performing hip-hop and contemporary dance and supporting the FSI staff. He is working his way through school by working as a part-time barista and NAU peer coach as well. FSI is proud to have Jory working with us as he is an incredibly hardworking individual and coach who wants to make a difference in athlete development!