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Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our ACL Injury Prevention and Sports Performance Program (IPPEP). If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Where can I find the latest IPPEP schedule?

Our home page always has our upcoming sessions. Also, check out our social media pages for additional information!

We have a trip/event during my child's IPPEP session. What are the guidelines on attendance?

Athletes will most benefit by attending EVERY session, but we understand that there are important things outside of these sessions. The program we use is based on Sportsmetrics™, which is scientifically shown to lower the risk of ACL injury by 300%, but this means that athletes should attend every session. If an athlete needs to miss a day, please let the coaches know, and be sure they keep up with the home exercise program provided at the beginning of the session.

Can my athlete participate in an IPPEP session with Flagstaff Sports Institute (FSI) during their sport season according to the AIA Bylaws?

Yes! Here’s more info: The AIA Bylaws, Article 14 – General Provisions, says that a student cannot participate in a group, club, etc., in the same sport as they are currently participating in. FSI’s IPPEP sessions are not sport-specific. We focus on injury prevention, safety, and neuromuscular training. This can be done before, during, or after season in compliance with the AIA Bylaws. In short, any athlete, regardless of current sport status, can (and should) participate in an IPPEP. The full article can be found here: http://aiaonline.org/files/64/article-14-general-provisions.pdf

Will IPPEP help my child develop into a better athlete?

YES. Although IPPEP has been shown to reduce athlete injury risk, it also has been shown to improve athlete performance. We will measure your athlete before and after the six-week session. Most athletes see improvement in vertical jump, sprint speed, conditioning, and balance.

Do you offer IPPEP sessions for an entire sports team?

Yes. We can arrange specific dates and times to work with your child's sports team.

What are the benefits of having my child's entire team participating in IPPEP?

Our team-based IPPEP sessions are customized to best fit the specific sport (i.e., basketball versus hockey) and the specific ages and abilities of the athletes (i.e., 7th graders versus 12th graders). Teams that perform an IPPEP together have fewer injuries during the season and have more athletes available for practices and games. We will also provide custom warm-ups for the team and their coaches that help keep the athletes healthy throughout the season.

How do you know IPPEP works?

Flagstaff Sports Institute's IPPEP is based on the scientifically proven Sportsmetrics program. This program has been studied and improved over the last 20 years. The results of the program have been published in multiple scientific journals.