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Jacob Marquez
Northland Preparatory Academy
Sports Played: 
Soccer, Ice Hockey, Baseball
Athletic Success: 

Hockey – JV team captain, MVP, 1st team All State. Winner of the Spark Plug Award as athlete who makes a difference every day. Assistant captain as a senior.
Baseball – Most improved varsity as a freshman. BA .400, OBP .460, 18 hits, 4 RBI, 9 steals, and 1st team All Region as a junior. His senior year, he was named Captain and 2nd Team All Region and led his team to the state semi-finals.
Soccer – Defensive captain

His most meaningful sporting moment occurred during a hockey game when his girl teammates were locked out of their locker room and thus were unavailable for a full 12-minute period. He and five teammates played defense for the whole period and held the team scoreless until his female teammates could join.

Community & Character: 

Jacob is described as being selfless and playing where he is needed. He played catcher for all of high school, despite preferring outfield, and played defense in soccer because they needed his aggressiveness despite playing striker for 3 years prior.

He is a very dedicated and achieved Eagle Scout, and for a final project, he restored a 500-ft-long wall of Calvary Catholic Cemetery, which required repair of damaged wall, concrete capping, painting, and required over 40 hours of his personal labor and his coordination for the other 110 hours it took to complete.

Future Plans: 

Jacob plans to major in kinesiology at ASU and will participate in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program. He wants to become a combat rescue officer in the Air Force and eventually return to school to become a physician assistant.