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Sean graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business and moved to Flagstaff in 1995 to ride mountain bikes and work as a strength and conditioning trainer. Interested in a way to marry his interest in sport performance with his interest in international business, he began work at Northern Arizona University’s Center for High Altitude Training in 1996 and spent 12 years there, cultivating a wealth of experience working with the best elite-level sport programs in the world. As the Center's Associate Director, he oversaw the international altitude training camp program and served as Director for NAU’s U.S. Olympic Training Site from its inception in 2005 until his resignation from NAU in 2008. 

As Founder and CEO of Hypo2 Sport, Sean has worked to build a privatized version of the former Center for High Altitude Training (closed by NAU in 2009) in order to continue to serve the training-related needs of elite international and domestic athletes wanting to train in Flagstaff. Hypo2 has improved upon the university's model and has, in each of its last six years, worked with more training groups from more countries than the biggest single year of the NAU program in all its years of operations. Throughout the last two Olympic quadrennials (leading into London 2012 and Rio 2016), Hypo2 has helped produce 94 Olympic and Paralympic medals for athletes involved in its programming, serving almost 4,000 sport personnel from over 30 countries. Sean has cultivated widespread support for Hypo2 from many community sectors, including NAU, the City of Flagstaff's Economic Vitality Division, The Economic Collaborative of Northern Arizona, and the Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Sean has represented Hypo2 and Flagstaff at many events and with many organizations around the world, including the Forum on Elite Sport at the Brazilian Olympic Committee in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the International Symposium of Altitude Training in Granada, Spain; and the Japan Institute of Sport Science in Toyko, Japan.