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The ACL Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement Program (IPPEP) is a comprehensive six-week neuromuscular training program that combines elements of plyometrics, speed, agility, strength training, and flexibility.  Athletes meet with our certified athletic trainer two-to-three times per week for 90-minute training sessions.  The sessions can take place at your facility or FSI can arrange a space.  Not only has the IPPEP program been scientifically proven to reduce all lower extremity injuries, including ACL injuries by 100 – 300%, but it has also been shown to significantly improve sport performance.  The documented improvements in vertical jump, lower extremity strength, speed, agility, and overall aerobic capacity lead to improved performance for sports that involve pivoting, cutting, and jumping.

The IPPEP program is best performed in groups of 10 – 12. Larger groups and smaller sessions can be arranged. Click on the IPPEP Registration Form button below and fill out the form if you are interested in receiving enrollment information on any future training sessions for your son or daughter.

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Flagstaff Sports Institute uses the Sportsmetrics program as its preferred IPPEP program but can design a sport-specific IPPEP program as well.  Sportsmetrics is the gold standard in sports performance and lower extremity injury prevention.   

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