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Tiffany Kobordo, MS, ATC, OTC, CSCS

Tiffany is a certified Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a passion for injury prevention and performance enhancement. Her role as Program Coordinator for Flagstaff Sports Institute and Lead Training Instructor includes designing and conducting Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement neuromuscular training programs (IPPEP) for athletes in Coconino County. She has extensive experience and education in injury prevention, strength and conditioning, and performance enhancement and is a former dual sport collegiate athlete. 
Tiffany moved to Flagstaff in August 2016 and is currently employed as an Athletic Trainer at Flagstaff Bone and Joint. She also devotes time each week to educating coaches, parents, and athletes in Coconino County as well as volunteering athletic training services to a local high school through Flagstaff Sports Institute. In addition to this, Tiffany is an adjunct instructor at Northern Arizona University within the Athletic Training Education Program.


  • Master's of Science in Exercise Physiology 
  • Bachelor's of Science in Athletic Training
  • Orthopedic Fellowship in Athletic Training


  • Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA- CSCS)
  • Orthopedic Technologist Certified (OTC)
  • Sportsmetrics(TM) ACL Injury Prevention Program Certified 

Tiffany has also provided athletic training services for the US Ski and Snowboard Team and for national events such as the Dew Tour, BMX Nationals, and the TransRockies Race. In her free time, she enjoys working out and competing in a variety of sports including volleyball, soccer, and pick-up football games. She currently plays in the Men's Soccer League in Flagstaff and is an avid adventurer and explorer of the outdoors and loves trying new recreational activities.

Tiffany is driving outreach programs in our beautiful mountain community to prevent injury and enhance performance of young athletes:

  1. Volunteering time each week to hold an injury care clinic to a local charter school who does not currently have the funding to hire an athletic trainer or health care professional
  2. Developing appropriate documents, injury protocols, referral documents, as well as providing coaches and parent educational resources at aforementioned local charter school to streamline appropriate medical care for student-athletes and to build a foundation for easy transition to hiring an athletic trainer in the future
  3. Educating coaches and school administration on concussions, and advocating a team approach between coaches, athletic trainers, and teachers to safely return kids to sport and to the classroom
  4. Organizing educational meetings with coaches in Coconino County and surrounding area to educate on common injuries in their respective sport, and how they can help to prevent these and recognize when an athlete is injured to prevent further injury
  5. Designing and implementing Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement Programs for adolescents (middle and high school aged athletes) with the aim to decrease injury in sport and improve their performance